Can a 2001 XR200R cylinder be bored?

I have a top end that needs to be rebuilt.  The cylinder is out-of-round and Honda does not offer an oversize piston. So I am thinking that they don't offer one because the cylinder is nikasil.  Does anyone know for sure if this is the case?  Thanks.

That parts diagram is for an XR100, mine is an XR200

The cylinder has a ferrous liner that can be bored.

Thanks.  Honda doesn't offer an oversized piston so I went to the dealer and looked at Parts Unlimited for an aftermarket one.  The book says "XR200 to 83" so I'm thinking that means up to 1983 model?  The Honda part number is the same for 1983 and 2001 so the aftermarket one should be the same.  Dealer is checking with Parts Unlimited to be sure.

You can find oversize Wisesco pistons on ebay.

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