Carb float valve set stuck

I took apart a friends 2008 crf150r carb. Had been siting for a couple of months and there was a nasty black tar like substance in all the jets, I cleaned them up as best I could. But the float valve set was stuck and wouldn't gas flow into the bowl. In the end I used a pliers to pull the float valve out and was able to clean it to a point where the gas could flow. But I could still not get the bike to even sound like it was trying to fire. 


I think I'm going to need to replace the jets ensure that they are fully clean. But I'm wonder what else? can the brass housing the float valve set sits in be removed for a better cleaning? 

Are there passages ways in the carb body that I should be trying to clean and what would be the best way to clean these, back just blowing carb cleaner in there.




Replace the float needle and maybe the seat as well in addition to the jets (probably want to include a starter jet, too).

The parts are relatively inexpensive; should cost about $50-60 including carb gasket set.

Apparently there is a screen in the bottom of that seat that can get gunked up. But I can find anywhere that I can get a replacement seat. I found carb kits with floats but no seat. even the microfiche of the OEM parts listing doesn't have the seat so I was assuming it wasnt removable

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