crf230f exhaust

Hey all, 

I purchased a 2009 crf230f about 6 months ago, I love it, I ride mostly trails, the crf230f is a beast on the trails, lots of torque. i had owned a crf250x for several years. and old 2 stroke 250's. any one that says a 250x will blow a 230f away on trails is full of it. alot of it is just getting your skills down before modding a bike or getting bigger and bigger cc's. im 5-10 and the crf230 is a dream on the trails. my bike pops wheelies in 1st with twist of throttle just like my crf250x, trust me!

but my question is on exhausts. i have already rejetted it to 120 main 45 pilot around 2 screws out, baffle out and air snorkel gone, it really woke it up. I read on the project honda 230f that they put a bbr exhaust on after doing these  mods and the bbr exhaust made a improvement. any one with experience on the bbr exhaust to really say if it is worth it. the guys on project honda crf230f sure act like it was worth it. but for price i like to hear any one who has actually done it. plus any one actually got the bbr bore kit with cam?


i put the fastway version 3 handguards on my bike, definitely worth it, protects those levers!

have the protaper bar, worth the money, bent bars suck..

and i got the fastway foot pegs, also worth it, nice big platform

You MIGHT get 1 more hp with a BBR exhaust on the top end only (above 7,000 rpm) and a whole bunch more noise every where.

Your biggest bang for you buck is adding compression, ( BBR or Weisco piston kits) and a Web 89a camshaft.

Forget BBR camshaft (too mild) and especially BBR valve springs (they break and bend valves)

Don't waste your $ on a rev box unless your building a top end, all out screamer engine.

Hope this helps?

thanks, have you tried these mods?

I myself have a pro circuit pipe on my 230f, it opened it up a little. To me it has a smoother sound than the coffee can with the baffle removed. I have the bbr cam and valve springs. Have not experienced any problems with the springs myself. The cam isn't super radical, just more lift basically. It doesn't completely change the bike yet it does have more power all the way across the board. I mostly ride trails and didn't want to take away the tractor like ability the bike has. It feels to me that with this setup it has more hill climbing power. I also have the bbr rev box and the timing curve is a little quicker which makes it a little peppier in the midrange, yet someone here has dyno tested them and shows the factory one actually makes more horsepower, yet they also agreed that by the seat of the pants testing that the rev box had more zip yet fell off on the top end.

Thanks confederate I was looking at the pro circuit pipe, seems to have good reviews. You have the bbr fork springs ? The front brakes on these are touchy and with the front forks so soft. It's an easy washout especially going down hills. But your right these bikes are tractors in the woods!

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