2010 250SX PV spring install

So I just bought a 2010 KTM250SX and swapped out the stock power valve spring for the green one for less of a hit.

I couldn't find any videos on how to install it, but I did what seemed to make the most sense and it is running fine, but I haven't had a chance to go riding and really open it up.

Does anyone have info on how to install these? Would it run if it were put in wrong?



Mate. It's pretty simple and pretty hard to stuff up. If it were installed wrong you wouldn't feel the 2 stroke power snap like you normally do. I'd say if you have done it and the bike seems to be running well then you have installed it correctly. You just need to make sure that the small component the large spring sits in is oriented the right way to line up with the shaft behind. You can see exactly which way it's sits when you have the springs removed

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