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Washington Hareport 2013 Pics

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I was able to toss my pics on Facebook last night.  I saw a bunch of cameras out there yesterday.  I will post up short course pics after lunch.


That fog had me experimenting with settings on my camera all day long.  Never found a setting that I liked.  Even with that there were lots of photo opportunities out there. :)






Long Course:  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10202464629883310.1073741851.1421328371&type=1&l=67ebf674ce







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:thumbsup:  I figured yellin at ya would get your attention :)


That thing fired to life at midnight with tires on it from the 90's and sidewalls cracked. Got to the race and both were flat. I swapped a tube in the rear, and pumped a bunch of slime in the front...headed out to the start. I wish I wouldn't have carried that pack full of tools, but it's prolly why I didn't need them. I kinda figured I'd be wrenchin at some point, but it lasted. I don't think there's any oil in either fork anymore though. I stopped and waited at the gate with 10mins to go...4 laps was plenty on that bike.

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Did anyone take photos of the kids races?

Any links or info would be great.



I did not.  I rode up with a buddy and we left before the kids race was over.  I bet some others did.

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