Just1 Helmet vs Shoei Vfx-W



Has anybody tried the Just1 Helmet?


How does it compare to the Shoei VFX-W?




I want to buy a new helmet and I can have these two in similar price (the Shoei costs a little bit more).

The Just1 helmet is made in Italy. I didn't find any reviews on the web so I am asking.


Thanks :)

Get a 6D helmet

Get a 6D helmet

get a shoei

They look like there made by Airoh.

hmmm I would say that they are a mix of the Airoh + Shoei :)


So little info on it so I will stick with the Shoei. 

I have a wornout Fox V3 right now and I just want to try something different.

I was in the same scenarion as you. The EPS liner in my Fox V3 was pulling away from the outer shell, plus I had a meeting of minds with a rather large tree branch. I looked long and hard at the Just1. They look like very good lids. Very well made (there is a YouTube video which shows their manufacturing process), used by several of the World MX guys, but pricing was ridiculous. Next on my list was a UFO Warrior. Also used by several World MX guys, but our local guys only had orange ones avaialble. So, I ended up getting an Airoh Terminator. 1050 grams of amazing helmet. Super light and super comfortable. The only issue is the eyeport, which is a different shape to most and meant I needed a new set of goggles.


Personally between the Just1 and the Shoei, I'd take the Shoei as they are proven at all levels. I think the Japanese make the best helmet, no contest. However, it's all about what fits your head and budget the best at the end of the day.

As far as I know, only Shoei and the FoX V4 use 4 different Shell sizes. The Just 1 Helmet only uses 2. The number of shell sizes is what guarantees the same level of protection on all the sizes. And of course that raises the cost production.


I have seen a JUST 1 Helmet in a shop, the quality of the interior and of the paint are very poor, nothing compared to a Japanese made helmet. 


And one very important thing, although the VFX-W is not one of the lightest helmets, it feels very balanced when riding, has a very good heat dispersion. And also a great view range. These are details that make the riding very comfortable.

Thank you guys for so many responses.

I will stick with the Shoei VFX-W :)

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