Suspension tuning in Europe - where?



Me and my buddy want to send our suspension for a revalve but we don't know where.


He has an YZ 125 2010 and I have a KXF 250 2013.



Who knows a good suspension company in Europe (Holland, Belgium, Germany, France)?

Is it threw that when someone specialises in KYB he is not so good on the SHOWA stuff?


We ride MX on hardpack + intermid surfaces.


Thank you :)


Czesc chlopaki, zapraszam do mnie, moge tez przyjechac na tor i wam zrobic po obserwacji na miejscu bo w aucie posiadam warsztat . Ponadto przedstawiam wazna firme w polsce wiecej info na

Macie pytania dzwon 794 083 745


andrej you must write also in english!!!!!!

Thank you szukiel-racing but sorry I don't want to make the suspension in Poland.


Someone else in Europe? Any recomendation?



just a recommendation from my side:


Its always better to pick a tuner which is located in your area. Several reasons can be named for that:

1. The tuner knows the soil and the tracks you ride

2. If the first setup doesnt hit the nail on the head you have a tuner near you to try different stuff very fast

3. The best case would be if the tuner spends a day at the track with your current suspension. He can observe your riding style, adjust your clickers and sag and so on to figure out what needs to be done to your bike.


So I would go for a local guy in any case.


However, the stickers of a big name company on the bike can make the suspension very good too, haha!

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i agree with florian , and remember is not important make suspension from famous tuner! but you need a tuner near your track , he can help you every time.

Yeah... I also think so, Ecikmx you need helpful guy near your place not in other part in europe it will never work good, because they dont know what soil you ride, your level, etc.


I test suspension everyday with customers on local track and we together adjust them best as possible.


Guys have right it was also my own way to go to the point when I started to make it myself because my tuner was in Holland and it never looks good , because long way , long shipping time, finally every customer was minimum 2 weeks without bike and paid 2-3 times more...


When you go to me I can always come to your place with my service car ,adjust all, sag, clickers, oil level, we can observe your riding , we can do few hours to adjust it just for you...


You are welcome finally!

i suggest make your suspension in poland , dont go so far from your track ,your tuner can help you with settings and other tips.

Yes Ecikmx! Guys say true, its better to do at place, I also think so.

Did you find some tuner already?

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Hi guys


Thank you for the responses. I will consider makeing the suspension in Poland but on the next bike.


I already send my suspension for a revalve.



Who got the job finally?

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