KX500 Engines

So I have a 2004 KX500, does anyone know if a 1985 KX500 engine is the same, and or what might I have to change if I bought a 1985 engine?

85 didnt have powervalves, 86 was the 1st year for powervalves. There are quite a few differences between the 85 and 04. Basically, the 85 was a one year engine, 86-88 were very similar, 89-04 had a few changes but were also pretty much the same.

Why would you want that anyways? Whats wrong with the 04 engine?

Why would you want that anyways? Whats wrong with the 04 engine?

Absolutely nothing if I had an 04 engine. I'm looking to do the emmler fmf replica bike featured in max.I can buy an 85 rebuilt engine that is basically new for 650.

If the 85 engine was any good kawasaki would not have changed it.  But, they did.  If i was going through the effort of doing a chassis swap it would not be with that vintage engine. 

I agree i have some expierance with the big  green 500s lol , and the 85 engine is one that i do not reccomend  stick witht he most modern of the engines  the kips  system among other things makes for a very well rounded engine that can virtually  do anything  you want it to  and btw i think the gentlemen above  is correct  89 -04  same engine basicly   but good luck  i too am grooming  a spare engine for a future prject i have a 93  thats 90 percent restored  gonna fiinish it soon and i have a 91 engine  that hopefully once done will be put into a newer kx 450 chasis lol 

I thought it was 88 and up with the 87 being real similar. From what I remember the only way I'd think about using an 85 engine would be after it was sent to E.G. for some port work.

88 had 2 KIPS valves 89 the 3rd valve was added. I bought a 88 500 new back then.

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