Noob Question

So I am new to the dirt bike thing and just tore into my first motor, my question is which way does the camshaft go when i put it back in?  It was removed from the sprocket so putting the little "0" towards the index mark doesnt help me at all.  Do the "lobes" go up or down or sidways or what?  I have a manual but it fails to mention that part.  Also I am having trouble getting the "T" at the bottom end lined just keeps going to the "F".  It wont stay in place when I line the T up with the notch.  This is on a honda xr200r if that helps at all.

You need a service manual, not an owners manual.

I have the clymer manual for my bike but it does not say "lobes up or lobes down" but I found my answer else is lobes down by the way.   Anyways I got it all put back together but Im having another problem, I can not for the life of me get the T to line up with the index mark, it is always the F.  Any idea what the problem may be?  I can put it on the T but it just moves right back to the F.

the "T" is for top dead center. you will need to hold it in place. a 3/8" breaker bar (jhonson bar) usually helps. it will fall off center otherwise

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