Where to find SM Excel wheels for my S model?

Hey everyone! I bought a 2013 DRZ400S back in April and didn't realize all the goodies that the SM has until AFTER I already bought the S model. I'm wanting to convert mine as much as possible to the SM model. I'm not concerned about having the inverted forks or the height difference.


What I'm mainly interested in is having the SM rims and tires. I know the SM rims are smaller than the S model on both the front and rear. My main reasons for wanting to change them is 1.) having a much larger selection of street-only tires (there's very few selections for the S model rims) and 2.) just to have the sweet look of the SM rims.


By what I understand, all I need to install the SM wheels on the S model is the rims themselves, the speedometer gear for the SM wheels and the brake caliper relocation bracket for the rear caliper. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


Does anybody know where I can find these items? I prefer to have black rims with gold hubs. I'm mainly looking for the rims because I know I can go to Suzuki and buy the speedometer gear and get the relocation bracket online.


Thank you all for your time and help!

ebay has rims around $900-1000 frequently. 


occasionally they show up on craigslist too. 


if you're going to sell the S wheels, i'm interested in them ;-)

warp9 also has the whole kit, with the rotors, spacers, caliper extension and sproket

If your looking for new wheeling cycle supply and pro cycle have them. But its gonna be pricey.

Shooter, the guy I bought my 03 E model from has a set of SM wheels. Don't know what else it would take to make them work on your S model. Don't even know for sure they are Suzuki wheels but they worked on this bike. 

Anyway, if you're interested, send me your e-mail addy to cattmando@gmail.com and I'll forward it to him. Youse guys can work it out from there if ya want.

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