Yz125 01' problem

Hi, I just picked up a 2001 YZ 125 and I've been having a small clutch problem. My clutch is not completely disengaging when in gear with the clutch completely pulled in. If I'm on the bike and pull in the clutch, it will stall out if I don't give it gas. If I put it in first with the bike off and the clutch in, it is extremely hard to push. When the bike is up on a stand, when you kick it into first the wheel spins at the same speed as when the clutch is completely let out. I've tried adjusting the clutch cable, but nothing. Also sometimes its a lot worse than other days, it won't stall when I kick it into gear, and some days it will want to take off on me. Thank you your help is appreciated.


Change to ATF trans oil...get on it and fan the clutch really well  while riding it then see if it is less sticky.

If someone installed the cover/arm incorrectly that would cause what you are talking about.  Basicly when you install the clutch cover you have to rotate the arm a certin way to get the correct angle for the cable engament.  If you post a picture of yours both lever out and lever in I (or some on here) can tell you if its wrong.  What I am talking about is the part where the cable attaches down by the engine.  Yours may be a tooth off.  I can't find a good pic online so post yours.  And I am almost never on here so PM me of I don't respond. 

Thanks guys for your help. I fixed the problem by running Honda 80/85w through and the back tire no longer moves at all when put into gear up on a stand. I don't think the transmission oil was changed in a while before I changed it. I highly recommend the Honda 80/85w for any 2 stroke it is very good oil and a true clutch saver. Thanks again

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