pipe packing...does it die all at once?

Was riding laps today on my KX250.  All of a suden it was making a much raspier bark.

Seemed to run alright, didn't get on it, just mellow up to the garage.

Will take the 304 off and take it apart and repack it.  It needs it as was fresh at the begining of the season.


But might that be what it is?  It all of a sudden is degraded?  Happened off a jump.  Real raspy sounding.  When I was going back to the garage, it seemed to sound better and more muffled again.  But maybe it was just me and imagining.


How often to repack?  I know it depends on everything.  Mine doesn't spooge much.  DOes smoke....like it should.  But got me to thinking how often I should repack it.




(will update this after I take it apart this evening after CubScout flag retirement burning meeting...have a bunch of vets helping the kids)



Wellll....guess I should repack it more than I presently do.


The matt was soaked black oily residue.  Came off in one big piece.  Was not hard and dried out like some pics I have seen.


The center tube had about 1/2, or more, of the holes plugged.  Torch really works good to burn and bake it off.  Then the wire wheel to clean it up. 


Will stop at the shop for proper packing material tomorrow.


See if that makes a difference.



Just for sh its and gigs, can you post some pictures?

I've seen them go both ways. The quick way to take them out is getting water in them, usually from washing the bike and not plugging the silencer. That will make quick work of your packing. That's what usually make the packing hard and crusty.


Otherwise, through normal riding it will slowly get louder and since you ride it, you really won't notice it until it finally gives out.

But what you described is the norm for worn out packing. Holes will plug but that's normal so don't worry about your jetting if it's running right and not spooging.

On my 125 all of a sudden it got muffled and ran like shit I stopped and looked and the tip of my silencer was plugged with packing. Took it all out and never looked back haha

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