DECODING KTM Models Very Confusing



Did lots of google searching but never really found all of it, so I thought I just come to the experts here on Thumper Talk  Can you please take a look and correct it to ensure it's correct?  Thanks Tim



EXC=enduro cross country?

EXC-W enduro cross country wide transmission?

EXC-EGS or (GS) UK, Australia, Singapore



MXC? Motorcross Cross Country?

SXC? Supercross Cross Country?

SX? Supercross?



XC? cross country

XCR-W? cross country ®?  wide

XC-W? cross country wide

XCF? cross country (F)?

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F is for four stroke

Had an EXC from the beginning. Once they started the newer naming system I got lost. Don't really care as the EXC is still going strong.

I agree that their naming system sucks. There are 2t and 4t xcw's.

In the US, EXC used to be a 2T, now it's a 4T but overseas you can still get a 2T EXC (somewhat equivalent to a US based XC-W).  My best advice is don't try to understand, you'll just end up more confused than when you started :D

Here in Oz they are EXC for enduro 2T & 4T and SX for MX/SX


I dont believe that ktm bring in any other models

thanks everyone for all of your information.


How about a transmission question.


I hear that the 200 & 300 2-Strokes EXC and the EXC-W have the best Transmissions for Supermoto/Street Conversion?

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