24hr race Food drive


We're pleased to announce that the HEAVYWEIGHTS are partnering with the Goldendale Food Bank and will be holding a food drive in our pit.

They asked for donations of "meals" such as chili, soup, stew and mac&cheese as well as fruit.

We'll also be accepting cash donations.

Each donation will get you entered into a raffle for prizes such as a Cyclops LED Adventure light, Giant Loop Mojavi, or suspension service by Konflict Motorsports. These are just a couple of things we'll be giving away. Stay tuned as we announce more prizes.

We ask that you please get the word out and help us show that motorcyclists have the biggest hearts.


That's sweet. Off to the cupboard I go!!!

That's sweet. Off to the cupboard I go!!!

 Thanks.. Please tell your team mates.

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