FMF Megamax II

I was wondering if anybody has installed this and what they thought about it.

Did it install ok, no leaks?

How did it sound and did it give you more low end or top end?

I have a 2000 yz426......Thanks for the help

i recently put on the pc t4 complete with header ( header is tapered much like the thunder copy ) i've got the 2 in. endcap..bigger hole less resistance more top end..with the screen arrestor its no louder than stock..without wear ear plugs..its great on trails and moto payton and crew did there always you can pc for quality 2cents..happy ridin holiday :)

Where have you been??? Haven't you been reading all the commotion about the Thunder Alley pipe?? NONE of the Major brands come close to this pipe, NONE! If you really want to bolt on a pipe that'll bring your bike ALIVE try their pipe (Thunder Alley). If you're into mellow power (like it is stock) don't bother, but if you're looking to improve your machine and get arm yanking, berm blasting power check them out. It's your money, you've been warned!

I run the MMII, however, I rarely ride the track. I bought it because of its weight savings over stock (I have a WR) and its tuneability (discs). It sounds a lot better than stock uncorked and it moved my power curve down in the range. For woods riding, I love its increased torque. I'm still able to hit 95 mph (according to my Panoram)and the bike revs out well with 10 discs. I'm going to drop in the included "quiet core" for next weeks ride to see if I can live with any power losses. My bike is fairly quiet at idle, however, it still barks on top. I don't think the MMII was targeting the typical YZF rider like Thunderalley and DR.D. For whatever it is worth....


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