Looking for feedback on PR2 Linkage and Applied CRF250R front brake

We race motocross only, and can't get the shock to settle in the corners. I've had shock revalved several times and tried a few different spring rates. Nothing has completely solved the problem. Anyone have any experience with the PR2 Linkage?

My son also mentions that he has a hard time getting it to stop. I was thinking about trying the Applied Racing CRF250 caliper adapter with a 250mm rotor. Anyone tried this? I was worried it might be too much.

Any other ideas of must-have upgrades?

We run HS with the PR2 linkage so take away what you want. Short answer it works to plant the bike, giving a plushness and reduces the kick-up we had with the stock linkage while not effecting the bottoming. Many shops recommend the Fox Shox for riders over 120lbs in MX at a top level. Expensive but everyone loves it when they switched.




To help settle the bike in ruts and corners, apply the rear brake with throttle on. This also helps with breaking bumps, rhythm sections and rocky trails. Just watch for packing of the shock!

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look for ohlins rear shock 

Works mutch better to stock 

At 2x the cost of the Fox, I can't see it being any better. Also many shops have the Fox dialed in where the Ohlins isn't as known. I am a fan of Ohlins but for this bike it isn't worth the cost and then tuning for the average rider.

I'm just a little skeptical of PR2.  Haven't had much luck with their linkage and revalving in the past on other bikes.

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