01 yz426f help please

Okay so first off let me say I am pretty new to dirt bikes and have very minimal knowledge of them so any help would be greatly appreciated. I just bought a yz426 and I know it runs because the guy started it first kick and it sounded/ran great. But after getting it home I have spent hours kicking on her and absolutely nothing but a small sputter like she is thinking about going. Somebody please help

They are a bitch to start. With that being said, I am sure it is just like my 01, requiring "the drill". Find TDC, pull compression release lever and let kick start go down an inch, go back to top of stroke, kick HARD and follow through on stroke. Do not give it gas while doing so.

What year is it?

Here's how it's done:






The most important mechanical considerations are a healthy, fresh spark plug (preferably an HGK CR8EIK iridium) and a correctly adjusted idle circuit.  Don't just start it to see it run and then shut it off, either.  Start it and ride it for at least 5 minutes so the plug won't be partailly fouled for the next time.

Yup, thats "the drill"

Yeah I am hoping I just don't know what I am doing and it not the bike. It is a 2001

Its frustrating at first. Once you have it mastered then its a piece of cake....until you flood it,lol. The previous owner who was able to start it first kick prolly had a hard time when he first got it too. Leverage is your friend. I am not a tall guy, so I have to find a rock or something to stand on to give it a good kick. When I have it on the stand in the garage, its a snap since I can stand upright on the bike and give it a good kick

DUH! I dont know why I asked what year your bike was. Clearly states in the title. :bonk:

Choke on, 2 twists of the throttle, then the kicking ritual stated above.

These bikes have a fairly particular starting method that was stated earlier. If everything is jetted correctly and the engine is healthy otherwise, you should be able to start it within 1-3 kicks any time, without using the choke, cold morning or not. Using the choke I've found can often cause unwanted flooding.

Another thing I wanna say is never, I repeat Never touch the throttle before or while you are starting, (keep your hand on the brake fluid resevoir) these flood really quick and I've found even with a touch too much gas in the carb my bike will have a tendency to kick back like crazy, these kick like a mule too so make sure you have boots on if you don't like pain.

I used to go out and start my bike with sandals on until one day my friend twisted my throttle before starting, kicked it over and bam, kickback, looked like I had a golf ball under the skin of my shin. Took two months for the knot to disappear and left a lovely scar.

Also if you've kicked it over more than ten times or so and it's not starting, it probably is flooding... (this is also what you my need to do if you dump it) turn off the fuel and pull in the decompression lever, kick it over 10-15 times to clear out excess fuel. Turn on your fuel again and start "the procedure" over again.

Once you learn to start your bike you will love it. It's also really fun to have your friends who never started one of these types of bikes come and give it a try till they're blue in the face :lol:

There are some options out there too if you get sick of how hard it is to start. Like if you ever wanted to start it after stalling on a steep hill instead of slowly having to lug the thing around until its pointed downhill. Hotcams makes the stage 1 exhaust can with auto decompress that should make things a lot better. Grey racer says you don't even need to buy the intake cam or make any other adjustments. I have not done this yet, but seriously considering.

I keep thinking of going that route with my 250. It is not a costly mod and benefit is great!

My friend with a large stable of bikes and many years of experience swears by the auto decompression hot cams for the 426. He said it is night and day difference and should have done it long before he did. I kind of miss watching him struggle to get that thing started. Cam swap process reassures valve clearance too - win win.

Hey thanks for the replies guys. I'm going to clean the gas tank this weekend and try that out. Another thing is I held in the clutch and tried rolling it to bump start it and she'd babarely. roll. What's that all about?

This is incredibly common with any wet clutch setup... My brother in laws barely ridden 2008 wr450 does this even when cold. As soon as you get it warmed up it should roll pretty smoothly. But I think there will always be a little bit of drag when pulling in the clutch when in gear.

Alright how hard is it for s guy to install hot cams?

Alright how hard is it for s guy to install hot cams?

Youtube it. Good how to videos there.

Okay so I pulled the drain plug on the bottom of the carb and fuel started pouring out and I relized it was flooding every time I turned the fuel on. How do I adjust the idle to what it should be??

Before you go adjusting anything I would make sure you are attempting to start it right. Not criticizing you in any way, it's just incredibly easy to flood these bikes. Turn off the fuel and pull decompression lever and kick it 15 times to clear it out. Turn on the fuel and do the procedure again, if the guy started it right away, the bike is probably adjusted ok. These bikes take a very special procedure to start once you have it down, it's like nothing.

Also make sure your kicking from the very top of the kick-starter stroke, you don't have to kick it super hard, it's more important to focus on following through the kick all the way till it hits the footpeg.

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I don't know about "not having to kick it hard"... I usually have to eat my Wheaties before I go start mine. But, I just ordered a JD jet kit, hopefully this helps. Will report once installed.

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