where is fmf fatty for ktm 200exc?

can you guys help me im searching for a fatty pipe for my 2009 ktm 200 exc but i cant find it anywhere!!!!


whats better, the bare metal version or the chrome plated version????


any help would be great


cheers  masterblaster1998

I looked on ebay just now and didn't see any...could other years/models fit yours?

The difference between the works/bare look and the chrome look is the amount of maintenance. Works pipe need more maintenance to keep clean and rust free. After you ride, you should clean the pipe off and wipe with WD-40 or such. For the chrome one, you cannjust hose it off and wipe it down.

so does anyone know what pipe fits of another model???


does this mean the works pipe will get mud stains easier/ all of the time??

can anyone help me out???

www.motosport.com..they have a 

FMF Gnarly Pipe & Turbinecore 2 Spark Arrestor Silencer Combo

thanks mate

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