Cleaned mikuni carb and loss of power

Now I know I need to get an fcr... Ordering tomorrow!

Now I know I need to get an fcr... Ordering tomorrow! but my shitkuni has been acting up Latley so I took it all apart and cleaned it today took out all jets sprayed carb cleaner in everything to get all that corn gunk out. Now it idles like a dream but seems as if I have lost some power? I'm 99.9% positive I put it back together right so what gives? Is it the carb cleaner just getting burned of or what? I'm confused.



ethanol decreases power and range, you're right. find some regular gas and enjoy the bike again. 

You see it had more power the day before it just idled rough now it idles good but the throttles just not as snappy as it was!

Did you check your acv diaphram for cracks?

Is that the one on the side next to the throttle position sensor? sorry I'm

A bit new to taking apart carbs

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