22mm carb for 98 xr70

My daughter has a 1998 xr70. I just ordered a 22mm carb from ebay thinking this was the stock size. Further research has indicated that this is not the stock size.


1. will this carb work on a stock 1998 xr70?


2. what modifications are needed to make this 22mm carb work on a stock 1998 xr70?


3. if this is not the stock size, why do I see so many for sale and not oter sizes?

You can get a different intake manifold to fit that carb.  I just called them today and they helped me out in finding some options.  The problem is, if you get a chinese carb like I did, then you may also need a different throttle cable.  Call up the folks at Tbolt USA.  They helped to get me going in the right direction.

Thanks for the reply. I did order the chineese unit like you. I am starting to think I wont bother using it if it needs all those other changes. I just wish people would explain thier ebay postings a little clearer.


By any chance do you know what size pilot jet is in the chinese carb and can it be swapped into the original carb. If not I am just going to order an original jet from the dealler.

No idea.  But I will be able to tell you in about a week when the engine arrives.


I really don't think there will be a lot of work for you or much more cost.  I will get mine together and let you know. 

Here is an excellent carb set up for 70cc 


Mikuni 19mm Kit (race head)
Part No: TRC-8114

  • 19mm_Mikuni_Kit.JPG&h=222&w=250&zc=1
  • 19mm_Mikuni_Kit.JPG&h=222&w=250&zc=1
  • 19mm_jets.png&h=103&w=250&zc=1
  • 19mm_Mikuni_Honda.jpg&h=187&w=250&zc=1
  • 19mm_mikuni_honda2.jpg&h=187&w=250&zc=1

TRC 19mm Carb Kit (race head)

19mm Mikuni carb , measures Aprox 18.5mm I.D. at Flang end 

Kit includes the carb, intake, heatstop, gaskets, mounting bolts/wrench, air filter and throttle cable 

We highly recommend this carb kit for use with bore kits (88cc) on XR/CRF50

TB Race head intake 
For use with TB Race heads , CRF70 and other Honda 70 Stock heads
70-110cc Pit bike engines

Support jet kits not avalible via T Bolt usa at this time 
See pictures for jet sizes , common sizes that can be sourced untill we get the jet kits here


Got everything up and running and the Lifan kit is super sweet.  The little rips.  Carb comes with an 85 main and 38 pilot.  I ended up drilling out the main to about a 92 and need to drill out the pilot a little more.  Still popping on decel. 


Hopefully it goes in well for you.  I used the stock 70 wiring and had to do a search to see what wires match to what.  Can't remember the link, but when you find it the hook-up is pretty simple.  Get with T-bolt for the throttle.  You will need a different cable to use the Jingke carb cap.  I also ended up using an old motion pro throttle houseing and tube that i had.  I did not need the angle extension.  


There are some issues with 4th gear as it won;t shift in to it.  Its fine for now with 3 gears, but eventually i will pull the cover and see what is up.  I think I read the shift star needs to filed a little more but need to double check.  Other than that, and knew they have had shifting issues in the past and expected something, the motor is awesome.  Plenty of power to rip around and have a blast while chasing my boys.  I am also using it to teach the oldest how to use a clutch.

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