Of all days to cartwheel my bike...

The only day my buddy loaned me a silencer for my 125 (mine had no sparky)

I came into a very dusty & slick flat right turn, I was following my friend when he switched lanes suddenly & kicked up a huge dust cloud directly into my face.. I was fourth gear pinned when I lost sight of where I was going, so I pulled my clutch & hit the breaks, only to see it was too little too late.. I was looking at a fence post about 3feet way... Needless to say I took it out & endoed.. Smashing my buddies pipe. . I walked away laughing with just a sore shoulder, sorry John! Gas on me next ride


That one is done, you can probably pick one up on the cheap off Craigslist :thumbsup:

The case on those FMF silencers are all the same regardless of model so as long as nothing else is bent you can pick up whichever one you find cheapest and rivet the new end cap in.

At least you got an excuse haha

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