gasgas jtr270 advise

Just picked up a good condition for its age 96 jtr270.


I have no manual for this bike and the first thing I want to do is service it, so I have a couple of questions.


What is the fuel oil mix best to use?

How much trans oil, and how often to change?

best tire pressure?

What spark plug should I run/carry?


Any other tips?


I have the same bike for 3 years now, really like it.


The factory manual says 75:1 to 100:1 gas to oil, I use 110 octane race gas and synthetic Bel Ray oil.


Trans oil 650 - 750 ml, I use 5W-30 motor oil, regular, not synthetic, I change it every 2 - 3 events.


Tires 4 - 4.5 psi rear, 6 - 6.5 front.


Spark plugs, Champion N11YC, RN11YCC / NGK BP5ES / BOSCH WR8DP (resistor platinum) or W8D (non-resistor, non plat.) gap 0.020" or 0.5 - 0.6 mm.


Search for Jim Snell Gas Gas videos and you will find a lot of great info.


Search for Gas Gas quick info folder for a page of helpful info for this bike.


I changed to 7.5 weight fork oil for smoother fork dampening.


Hope this helps.

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