Which of these bikes is the best for all round use?

Just wondering which of these bikes would be that best all rounder. A WR250F/450F, CRF250X/450X, yz-f or Crf-r

What is your idea of an all rounder ?

you can take the last 2 out of the equation......due to no magic button. (electric start)

My all rounder is something comfortable, has no trouble with a good jump, can also go alright with slow stuff, reliable, sort of more power in the bottom range than top

surprised no XC300 in there

The yz is best , followed by the 250x

surprised no XC300 in there

Let's put it in


+1 on the 300xc. E start, OK with jumps, light, very reliable, good power down low.

+1 for the KTM300. Though I'm partial to the xcw.

Go the xr400r absolute machine

+1 on the 300xc. E start, OK with jumps, light, very reliable, good power down low.

and the 300XC can run grip heaters and a good headlight for winter/snow riding

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Crf250/450x is your great all around, no worry bike. I had one & I loved it. Great for the woods. After doing the free mods & some other upgrades, I got really fast. The bikes are just so easy to ride & you get comfy right away. It really just depends on your skill level. 300exc is an awesome bike to & is a very competitive machine off the floor. Good luck!

Any of the yamahas for superior quality and longetivity.

The 12+ WR450 has fuel injection, E-start, SSS suspension, and a wide ratio trans. The down side is that it's on the heavy side.

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