Suggested Spark Arrestor for 2006 yz125 for PERFORMANCE

Hey guys!


Just a quick question...I have an 06 yz125 (stock build) and will need to run a sparky as well for when I ride at certain places with the family.  I have the GYTR header pipe and was curious who has good experiences with which of the available sparkys out there!  I've also heard that in many cases the bike will actually run better WITH a sparky...could be mis information but either way shoot me your suggestions for my steed!



FMF turbine core silencer

yup fmf turbine core is good

Anything else is just junk and will make it run like crap. Personally I would just leave it stock. When u clog up a race bike especially a 125 2 stroke, that really messes up the power and hit etc there designed to be free flowing. So unless you get checked to get into the riding area or you see alot of rangers I wouldn't worry about it. But if u do then get the FMF turbine core silencer

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Stock muffler modded. It does have a approved label. Works great, have to clean screen every ride though. 

yea i have no probs with me turbine mucher easier then then screen modded bs power loss not that i can tell to matter none.

Leo vince X3, I just put one on and love it. Has a very different, but good sound to it.

Here it is mounted on my yz125


Here it is mounted on my yz125

That looks good!  Where'd you buy yours?

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