Leatt compatable riding jackets?

The weather here in Canada is turning for the worst but I would like to keep riding through the rain, sleet, hail, and cold until the snow stays on the ground.  So im looking for a jacket that is designed to work with the Leatt neck brace.


So far I have found 4 that fit the bill, but want to see all the options possible, please post up the jackets that you know of that fit over the Leatt.


-Troy Lee Designs Adventure

-Leatt W.E.C

-Leatt Adventure

-Acerbis Desertika

Good topic, I'd like answers too.


For now I'm using a gortex shell jacket (over the top of leatt body armor) and a neck gaiter.  It works OK, but I'd love a jacket that works better with the neck brace.

Hi guys,


Leatt has two jackets right now. The Adventure that is water resistant and the Pro which is fully waterproof. Next month we get the W.E.C. jacket which will be water resistant.

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