BSR42 pilot jet

Hey guys, what pilot jet are you using in your BSR42 swaps?


I don't remember what jet I installed, but the bike floods with choke on and starts to stumble if I set the idle below 2000, so I think I need to go leaner on the pilot.


Is the screw a fuel or air screw? I set it 2 turns out when I rebuilt the carb. I know it is normally a fuel screw on a 4 stroke, but i've never worked on a CV carb before. I need to make some sort of a wrench to adjust it while the bike is running.

The usual general rule of thumb is, if the screw is on the front side of the carb between the carb and intake boot, its a fuel screw. If it's on the back side of the carb between the carb and airbox, it's an air screw.

Ok, so I realized after messing with it for a while that I had forgotten to drill the hole for the fuel screw and had never set the turns on it and was fumbling around looking for a non existant fuel screw.


Anyway, no problem, pulled the carb out, drilled hole, pulled the plug with an easy out.


Tried to turn the fuel screw, it was so corroded it stripped.


Tried to easy out that, casting on the carb snapped, now it is ruined.


Drank a few beers, punched a few walls....


Going to order another carb I guess, this one had a lot of corrosion on it, the quadtard who sold it to me was in pismo, I bet he sunk it in the ocean, every single bolt stripped when I was trying to get them out fkn quadtards.


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