New Honda fork guard graphics

I ordered these from Ebay last week and put them on last night. I removed the guards and cleaned them up and put on some soapy water before sticking them on.  The install wasn't too bad and for $20 I think they add some color to a plain part of the bike.




They look nice, and add some pizzazz to the bike.   :ride:   

Nice addition :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :ride:

Originals are cryin for some stickers , here what i lashed on...


What did you use for your search? The closest I have found were this design which I actually ordered a few days ago. I don't like the black portion. So probably will just cut it off if I don't find the ones you bought.

Honda fork guard sticker

Fork graphics can be purchased for a newer CRF250R/450R as they do not have a speedo cable either and they will fit just fine....  :thumbsup:


so your options are endless ....  :ride:

Want to find carbon fiber lower fork gaurds ! Any one have suggestions.

Good job..!  :thumbsup:

3M carbon vinyl wrap?

Just took the back fire screen out of the air box! Wow what a difference,

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