Need a Florida, Daytona Beach Area Mechanic Friend

My boy lives in Daytona Beach Florida and is needing someone who has been through a top end on a CRF450 to give him a hand.  If you read my last post you know he may have to replace his intake valves.  If I was there we'd have it done in an hour.  But, I'm on the west coast.  So I am reaching out through the power of TT to see if there is someone out there that can buddy up with him and lend a hand.  I could talk him through it but I'd rather have boots on the ground to help.  He is 28 and pretty good mechanic, just doesn't have any experience with this motor.


I'll check back throughout the week.  PM me or let me know when I can get a hold of you.  Thanks TT community.

I know a guy at South of the Border training facility ( South Carolina) if he's willing to travel there.

It would be worth his while since its a great training facility with MX, SX, and AX tracks and lodging on site.

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