'96 gas tank & seat fit 2013 XR 100

Anyone know if the previous generation Xr 100 saddle and gas tank fit the current generation CRF 100?

I want a bigger gas tank for a dualsport CRF 100.

I did some research. It shows that the '93 to '97 XR 100 has 2-gallon gas tanks. In 1998, the XR 100 gas tank capacity reduced to 1.7. As the years wore on, the capacity kept reducing. In 2013, the tank for the CRF 100 is only 1.3 gallon.

2-gallon seems like overkill for a 100cc dirtbike. But keep in mind in other countries, the XR 100 was a street legal workhorse used by families as primary mode of transportation.

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My 91 XR100R has about a 1.6 or 1.7 gallon tank. I'm pretty sure the reserve kicks in after 1 gallon is burned. I'm not positive on either numbers though.

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