Is it normal.....

Is it normal for a dealer to tack on a pile of fees on top an advertised price? I contacted Santa Barbara Yamaha because they advertised a new 2012 WR450f for $6300. When I called they said that didn't include fees for assembly and shipping which pushed the price up around another $1000. Really? $500 or so in shipping/destination and $300+ in assembly.....and tax on top of that. It makes the bike close to $8000 otd. I'm thinking that's not the greatest deal ever on a 2012. Am I cheap and wrong? I'm use to calling LA Honda and getting an OTD price. The guy at Yamaha would not give me a ball park and expected me to drive 100 miles or more to the store. HA!

Save money and buy near new , low low miles .

Avoid the stealer BS

Save money and buy near new , low low miles .

Avoid the stealer BS

^this +1

Yes. It happens on everything, cars, bikes, snowblowers. Everything. They try to stick the price as low as possible so you buy new but it's a trap. Pay $8000 for that out the door and have fun trying to even get 6 for it on kijiji the next day without riding it. You just threw out $2000 that could have been spent rigging up the bike the way you want it. 

Tell them you want to assemble it yourself. You should anyways, just to add grease to everything. Say you'll finance it, they will usually take more off the price thinking they will make money off interest. Pay it off immediately.

I normally wouldn'r buy new. I've got 4 CRFXs in the garage. I was considering selling a couple and buying a new bike. If anybody in CA is looking for a plated crf450x I've got a few for sale relatively cheap.

I'd rather drag it home in a crate, than pay all the goofy setup fees. Since I'm going to go over every fastener...I might as well assemble it.

Whats MSRP? A bike should NEVER be more than MSRP, assembled, shipped, whatever. Only extra should be tax. Msrp includes everything. I doesnt matter how they finagel the numbers, this should be your guide.

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