Buy a 2006 KTM 300XC?

Hey guys I just sold my 2006 KTM 125SX and am looking to invest in another bike. I have some questions for you guys who are familiar with these bikes, where I'm from KTM's are fairly rare but I love them. I'm currently looking at purchasing a 2006 KTM 300 xc, the bike looks to be in fantastic shape however as I've never seen one before not alone ride one I'm curious about the bike comparing up to a 450f in any manufacturer really my friends all ride 450's and I'm wondering if it would be capable to keep up or surpass a 450 in the trails, my race days are long gone, just looking for something fun and fast. So I guess I'm curious as to the top speed on the 300xc not a w and what the rough hp ratings are for this bike? Would you recommend this bike, I'm 6'4" and about 210 lbs. Thanks guys for any feedback its greatly appreciated!

Heck ya, get it! You wont be disappointed. Top speed is going to depend on gearing, but a guesstimate is around 60-100mph. They are more enjoyable to ride on trails than a 450 in my opinion.

the 06 bike are a bit smaller than the 08 and newer frames. If you're short it's great, if you're tall you'll need a tall seat

Yes, get the 06.   I am fresh off of my 450xcf and now on an 06 300xcw.      


I'll be honest with you, I have always LOVED my thumpers.  But... now... I am not sure I'm going back!  My next bike will probably be a newer 300!


I can go almost as fast on the 300 as I can on a 450.   I can't ride either one to its full potential.


But...  I can certainly ride the xcw much longer because its sooooooo easy to ride.

Awesome sounds like a good bit of fun! Does the bike lift the front wheel easily without say dumping the clutch, I'd assume there is enough power there for that. Always rode Kawi but since my first KTM 2 stroke I think I'm hooked now as well.

Is there any essential modifications I should be considering when I pick this bike up?

It will lift the front wheel pretty easily.   Just lean back and give it some gas.   You can also fan the clutch a bit to pop it up. 


No essential mods, except for the suspension.   

Does the bike lift the front wheel easily without say dumping the clutch, I'd assume there is enough power there for that.


Mine (06' XC-W) doesn't lift easily, but I'm at high altitude.  If you're closer to sea level it shouldn't be a problem

I would only get a bike that you can 1) get parts, 2) resell 


Spaniards would call me an idiot for not buying another Gas Gas, but reselling that thing was next to impossible in the States.  Parts availability was also slim.  In Spain and much of Europe a Gasser is just as popular as KTM so it would be a toss up which bike I would buy.

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