Bull Dog Spokes

Has anyone used these spokes with the excel rims and if so, did you have to drill out the nipple holes on the rims to get them to fit? Is it also necessary to drill the hub holes as well?

yeah you may have to drill the hub and the rim.

I had to drill the rim but used a talon hub they fit in the hub.

I thought so, I'll be using the stock hub so it looks like I'll be drilling at both ends.


The spoke nipples come in different diameters to fit different wheels. The White bros. catalog has a chart to help get everything to match up.

I have spline drive nipples with bulldog spokes on a set of excel wheels. I didn`t drill anything when putting them on my kawasaki.

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You should not need to drill out your Yamaha hub. Only hondas need the drill action. And not all year hondas at that! Every thing should bolt up nice and easy on your YZ.

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