2001 RM125 ground up restoration

I just picked up a pretty hammered 01' 125 that I have decided to beat with the money stick.  Bike ran when I picked it up but was in need of some serious TLC.  All the linkage bearings were toast all the paint is worn off the frame and the plastic looks like it was run through the garbage disposal.  I have sence torn it down to the bones and am starting in on the fun part.  It had FC suspension that I just sent in for a valving update, springs and service to suit my 210lb stature. If all is well with the suspenders I will cary on with the rebuild.   If you guys would like some pics of the project as I go let me know and I will post a few.




I pulled the topend and found the plastic clip that holds the likage to the powervalve was broken.  Everything else looks to be in good condition, plating looks good crank is smooth with no play ect, think I will just throw a new piston in.  My question for now is about the powervalve timer. The rod is conected to the timer but moves up and down very freely. Is this normal or should the rod return its self down? If this is normal I will probably save myself the trouble and not tear the motor down any further.

There is an adjuster on the left side that allows for preload adjustment. It adjusts where the powerband is as well so I wouldn't play with it until your bike is running.

All seems good in the cylinder. Part in question is the centifical actuator in the cases.  Should it move free or have a spring of its own to return to the closed position?

The preload decides how freely it moves.

Hey man I just picked up an '01 myself! Plan on a full restore as well. Lets help each other out. I'm new to 2 strokes and am excited to learn about them

Mine is stripped to chassis as of now. FC is shipping the freshly rebuilt suspension back as I type and I will drop the frame and hubs off at the powder coater later this week.  This weeks tasks will be to replace all the trashed linkage bearings, powdercoat the clutch, ignition covers, cylinder and head, Clean and service the powervalve and put the motor back together with new piston and reeds.  I ordered wheels, spokes, new plastic, grafics set and seat cover today. Also need to drop the radiators off for some minor srtaightening and crack repair. 

I just grabbed an 07 for my sons next bike. Starting the process myself, but not going to go after the large money stick (lol) with rims tires/powder coating. Am planning on the top end and bearings/maintenance stuff/suspension. Bike was ridden hard, but not in too bad shape. Just needs some love.

Definately post pics.of your rebuild. I'd love to see the progress!

02 power valve linkage arm is upgraded part that doesn't have the plastic clips that break problem. last rm i rode was a minty 01 125 after riding n racing my 02 yz 125 for months made wish it was mine loved them rm's.

Got the suspension back last week and the powdercoater is suposed to have the frame done today. I got the new wheels laced but still need to true them. All new bearings in the suspension linkage and swing arm and new wheel bearings. Motor is all back together execpt for the top end. Im going to wait until its in the frame as it was tight to wiggle out together.  I will take a few pics tonight of all the pretty new parts.

02 power valve linkage arm is upgraded part that doesn't have the plastic clips that break problem. last rm i rode was a minty 01 125 after riding n racing my 02 yz 125 for months made wish it was mine loved them rm's.

Thanks for the info. Next time its apart I will look into the 02 parts. I just bought new plastic clips for now. 

Its comming along.  All thats left is exhaust, brakes and radiators.IMG_0368.JPGIMG_0370.JPGIMG_0373.JPG

That's a gorgeous bike man. I got an fmf exhaust laying around if you're interested?

Keep up the good work!

Looks good man.  Your black frame and rims are inspiring me to do the same with my '02 rebuild.  Keep those pics coming

It turned out pretty sweet!!  I had a Fatty and shorty combo that was strait and dent free but loaded with carbon. I burned it out with a oxy/acetylene rose bud and gave it a coat of header paint.


Took it out last weekend and it a blast to ride. Seems soft on the bottom but hits hard and pulls great on top. Im going to play with the power valve some.  I have never had a 125, I ride a KTM300 and was talked into a 125 as a training tool so I really don't know how one is supposed to feel.  It really dose help train you to keep it on the pipe and carry extra corner speed.  I have it set up for MX, its nice to have a bike properly suspended for the track. I race offroad and never spent too much time on the track so this is a fun change of pace.



Bike looks great! It's probably running like it should. 125s have very little bottom end power, especially an RM. It's the only color 125 I haven't owned yet, but most owners say it has a pretty peaky engine.

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