YZ125 Front Brake Upgrade

I have to replace the front caliper on my 2002 YZ125, I am considering swapping a Honda brake set up on to my YZ since a lot of people say it has a better feel to it. What year(s) honda brake caliper will swap on to my bike?


Also, if I dont end up switching to the honda front brake, what year Yamaha calipers would be a direct swap?


Thanks for any help

I believe any late model Honda caliper will work, as you have to swap your caliper bracket in anyway.  Mine is off of an 06 CRF.


I've heard the newer Honda front brakes (2010+ I think) aren't as good as they used to be.  Probably still an improvement over your 02 though.

I just picked up a 08 crf450 front brake setup and its great. Also have a 04 setup on another bike and both are better then the stock Yz with braided steel lines. The 08 is a little better then the 04 though but both are great upgrades

I was under the impression that you remove the honda caliper from the honda caliper mount/carrier and put it on the yamaha mount/caliper. Can anyone confirm?

what do i need to make sure the caliper has before i buy it? I guess you use to yamaha bracket and pins? same rubber boots? HELP i need to purchase one tonight.

Did I outbid you tonight on ebay?

Yes you did a-hole lol

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