Looking for a safe low-profile full face moto helmet

Anybody know any good full-face motox helmets that arent gigantic and somewhat more low profile but still are safe? Looking to spend around $100 and dont need any designs, just looking for flat back or white

100 dollars on a helmet is pretty much bargain bin left overs.

Anybody know any good full-face motox helmets that arent gigantic...



The reason the helmets are the size they are, is because of the padding and foam. The only way to reduce the size is to reduce the padding which makes the helmet almost useless for protection from brain injury. 

My Airoh Aviator is considerably slimmer (about 1.5") and closer fitting than other helmets and is one of the lightest helmets available, but unless you get a secondhand one post crash, you won't find one for $100.

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