Looking for some DRZ advice

Hey guys you have helped me before with a purchase I was considering. Thanks to some good responses on this forum I passed on a deal that I was considering. Havent seen a lot of DRZs on CL since then but I have another with low miles I am interested in. He says he will work with me a little bit on price but not a whole lot. I have never been good at finding good deals so I am defering to those who are. Sounds like a pretty honest guy, told me about scratches from dropping it on a trail ride and says he bought it with 1000 miles but just doesnt have the time to ride anymore. Mainly used it for back and forth to work, 12 mile round trip. What do you guys think? Should I make an offer or hold off for a cheaper deal?

I bought a drz 400s in 2007 new, so keep in mind I'm not a SM rider and the bling on this bike is lost to me. I only see some plastic and led turn signals aftermarket on this bike.  I would flex a little on milage and target someone who has spent the money on aftermarket exhaust, engine, carb, etc.  Mine has a new carb, big bore, cams, full exhaust and suspension.  It is a completely different bike in an awesome way.  Unfortunatly, I have outgrown it and stuck with the realization that a) It's not worth much more with these aftermarket parts so it would be a loss to sell as is, let alone what it is worth to me and B) It has been the most reliable bike I have ever owned or seen if you fix the known issues.  So I would hold out for someone that spent the money on the really important upgrades because it will cost you a lot less over the life of the bike, because you will eventually want these upgrades.  However, I'm an impulse buyer and if your excited about it go for it, start at $3700 and meet in the middle.

Most folks that post on CL add about 10 percent for "wiggle room"

Looks mostly stock, a good thing in my book.


Seen way to many bad attempts at home user builds to every pay for them as a complete bike.


Your looking for all the standard used bike items..


It's been dropped on the trail,, ok,, just plastic scratches or was the sub frame bent (common)

 Bars straight?  It's an 09 so it came with RENTHAL 1 1/8 Bars (good)

Levers bent?

Head light/ tail light cracked?

Tires useable (if original at 4900 miles and 5 years old... consider then in need of replacement)

Chain and sprockets?

Brakes.. disks straight (bent front somewhat common on S and SM due to brake disk lock left on, or damage off road) Pads good, levels feel non mushy

Leaks anywhere

Look at the oil drain bolt,, make sure it's an OEM bolt, no JB weld, silicone RTV.

Left cover behind the shift level,, dented? Cracked? Fresh paint?

Fork seals leaking? Evidence of oil leaking down leg? 

Coolant tank look ok? Have coolant in it? Coolant ever been changed?

OIl / filter ,, changed lately? how often? using what?

Oil recovery box still present?

Any carb work? jetting, cleaning after no start or bad  runability issues?

Air box been modified?

Valves every checked? If so by who? What were the measured clearances?

Still have the ACCT? if MCCT, who installed?




​Ask what if anything has been mechanically done to it? ANYTHING....EVERYTHING. Repair, swap, upgrade, reliability fixes 

Awesome, thanks for the replies. I am going to look at it this weekend. Now I know what to look for and I think I will offer 3700, can't really spend anymore than that because I will need to register it etc.

Thats a reasonable offer.  listen to it run and test ride it if possible go through all the gears, in each gear gas and then let it decel, listen for anything out of the ordinary(loud clunks, high pitched squeals).  Get the guy talking the more he talks the more you should feel at ease about the bike if not then forget the deal and move on.  

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