Putting an in line on/off on fuel injected bike

I'm considering putting and on/off valve on my fuel injected crf250r. I've been having an issue with a leaky fuel injector because of the gas left in the line. My thinking is if I put and on/off in the line between the pump and the injector and switch it off and allow the bike to run what's left in the line then I won't have anymore issue with the injector leaking while just sitting there. In my head the idea should work so I was just curious what everyone else thinks or maybe my thinking is flawed.

Putting a band aid on the problem is the wrong approach.

The injector  should hold the fuel pressure. The pintle may have trash  build up on it.

The thing I'm concerned with is on my particular bike is that I have read in a lot of cases even changing the fuel injector will not solve the issue. I don't want to go spend a few hundred and replace it all and still have the same problem.

You run a serious risk of destroying the pump, if you put in a cut off on the input or output side.


It needs to back pressure created by the nozzle orifice, and nothing else.


Letting the bike idle for 30 seconds before shutting it off will help the gas dripping issue almost completely, along with cleaning the nozzle using the 9v battery method.

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The 9v battery method I guess is when you use it to open the fuel injector and clean it out that way?

There are places that can sonically clean your injector. May be worth a try.

Also, get a sock filter for the fuel tank filler neck.

I looked I into both of those things today. Along with a new fuel filter for the fuel pump. Ordered the parts and I'm gonna pull the throttle body apart this weekend to get the injector. Hopefully this will fix it.

Would a on/off switch to power the pump work? A simple electric 2way switch would be easy and could be mounted on the handlebars.

I have also done some reading on that and it seems like a pretty good idea. I just need to find the wiring diagram before I do it. Hopefully changing out the filters and cleaning out the tank along with the switch for the pump will help my issue. I've also seen that some people have tried what Honda recommended as far as the warm up and it seems to help some of the people so ill probably try that too.

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