Seat foam density comparisons to EE tall soft

I have an 02 YZ 250 that has a tall firm (hard!) Guts seat on it. I have had many tall soft Enduro Engineering seats on my KTMs and am looking for either a new seat completely or new foam and a cover. The important thing is the foam. I want it to be as close to the EE tall soft as possible.

I have an upholstery staple gun and can fit it myself.

I also don't really care for how narrow the Guts is on top and would like something a little wider (wish an XR 650L seat would fit).

I don't mind the tall firm for racing but when I am riding with the 10 and 12 year olds I have to set for hours and cant take it anymore.


I don't know anything about the comparisons of foam density... but I do like my guts soft seat. 


If you want a nice wide seat, check out  They are pricey, but I bet that would be just the ticket if you wanted a super comfy ride.

guts rep told me::


hard = stk ktm


standard = stk crf


soft = stk XR


If you go soft I'd go tall so you don't bottom on the pan, 1 if your heavy and 2 if your tall and sit back farther into the thinner part of the seat.   Also some of the tall cuts are narrower at the top which some don't like, preferring a wider base in a standard firmer foam.   choices.

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I called sdg and talked to them about what I am after and he said he was going to find me a good foam between soft and firm. Nice to talk to someone rather than just picking one off a website listing. Sdg it is. Ill report what I find out

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