Raptor 350 - HELP!


Here's some background on the issue I am having. It's my wife's bike and it wouldn't start so I took it apart. Well its back together except one piece I don't remember undoing in the first place. There is a rubber hose looks like it goes into the airbox. It is black and on the other end it has 2 pieces sticking out that look like each should be going into something somewhere. Problem is I don't know where they should be going I've looked and I don't see anywhere they should go. Please provide advice.

So from doing research I believe I am talking about the vacuum hoses. Connect into the carb but where at in the carb? From the size and length I would guess 1 has to go on the side and the other on the bottom but where at is the new question.

the only thing connected to the airbox is the crank case breather and the other lines to the carb are just overflow lines

I'm trying to get pics so you can see what I'm talking about but the stupid computer isn't cooperating at the moment!

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