Need Opinions

I'm currently running the KLX head which has been ported and polished along with stage one Hotcams.  I have the usual mods along with a full Yosh system, airbox snorkel and screen removal, and a carb bore.  The bike runs great, but I still feel like I want more.  Separately, I also own a KX head which I've thought about swapping in.


Here are the questions:


1.  Even with all I've done to my KLX head, do you think I still have much power to gain by swapping in the KX head?  I would consider having it ported and polished as well as adding Hotcams to that as well.


2.  Do you think there would be any interest here if I were to try to sell my KLX head?  I could sell it with the stock cams or the Hotcams.  I'd even consider selling the Hotcams independent from the head.


3.  Does it just make more sense to sell the KX head as-is and keep what I've got?  If so, any interest here for that head?


Thanks for the help guys.

I run the KX Head (polished) with stage 2 hot cams & Yosh is a rocket. Big improvement and piece of mind with Kibblewhite SS valves

I'd install the kx head. Had the same as you but stage 2 hot cams. Now have kx head installed with 06 kx cams and the bike is simply better everywhere once you get the jetting right.

Ride tighter trails. I bet you have plenty the way it is. :thumbsup:

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