08 530 xcrw starting issue?

I just bought a used xcrw that seems to be in great condition. It started perfectly every time for a handle full of rides then all of a sudden quick firing on the first try. It has electric start that didn't struggle at all before. The only thing I can think of that might have caused an issue would be that the bike spent a couple hours on its side one night. But it fired up first thing in the morning and then it stalled and hasn't wanted to start since. I can tow start it easily but electric does do it. Sounds like it's trying but never actually does. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!

If it roll starts but wont start with the button, check your stator. the ignition could be losing power when cranking with e start.

Just doesn't seem like it would work perfectly until all of a sudden it doesn't work! Thanks for imput!

Thanks for the link! Good info to have. Unfortunately my bike won't kick start or at least I can't get it to. It still roll starts fine and runs well.

Choke on, no throttle, mine usually starts very easily. I have had several instances where it just refused to start, although after some swearing and furious kicking it eventually fires. Want to suggest checking the pilot jet, but since it runs good once started.... The 08's had the ADC issue with the cam, although not sure why that would affect it all of a sudden. Fuel screw setting maybe... 



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