2006 KTM 250 SXF Milky Oil.....AGAIN!

Hi all


so heres the deal. i recently got my bike serviced for coolant in the oil. cost me my left nut to get it fixed. 260$ for what turned out to be a faulty water pump seal. So i get it back, and go on a nice 2 day riding trip with my brother and friends. i get back, change the oil (as i do after EVERY RIDE) and start it up. look through the sight glass and guess what? milky oil. I check the radiators, and the coolant level is fine. since then, ive changed the oil a good 2-3 times because i thought it might be left over coolant from before that got left in the engine. like i said, the coolant levels are pristine and the only issue is the oil's color. could someone please shed some light on this?


the first photo is what it looked like the first change after. sorta dirty looking, but also a little milky. the second is how it's looked ever since.


After 1st change: IMG_0274.JPG


After 2nd Change: IMG_0305.JPG


if this problem isnt resolved, its goodbye 250 SXF and hello 200 XC.


thanks in advance for any help. ive only been on TT for a short while, and i gotta say you guys are awesome with helping me out. i owe you guys a lot.


thanks again!

Could have something to do with the fact that you've WAY overfilled the bike and it's foaming....also, you have cheap nuts.  $260 is practically a set of tires.  

I don't know about the cheap nuts comment but its more than likely residual oil from when it was contaminated. Drain some out and get it to the proper level. Ride it and keep an eye on it.

Lol...I put more value on my testaculars than that...

i put 900 ml in due to the fact that you'll never get all the oil out in one shot. but in any case, if there were contaminated oil left over, wouldnt the 3 oil changes have gotten it out by now?

and how much will it hurt the bike if i leave that oil in there as is (given the fact that it has antifreeze in it)?

you need to fill it so it's halfway up the sight glass.  unless you have a leak and ARE continuing to contaminate your oil with antifreeze, then my money is still on overfilled.  

Alrighty, well it seems that we've all come to a conclusion. I'll drop the oil level and see how she does. Thanks.


Definitely going about the refill wrong, trust the sight glass or measure and replace what drains out.


A couple of other thoughts;


1) You are up north and the temps are dropping which will result in condensation while the motor warms to operating temp which is very normal. Perhaps you are not heating the oil hot enough and long enough for the condensation to vaporize and exit the crankcase breather.



2)  It's possible your crankcase vent is restricted in some manner resulting in the condensation have difficulty venting out.



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Ah, forgot all about the "cold temps" even though its snowed here already....


I had a bike where the sight glass would get an opaque white deposit on the inside in the winter, even though I did a few 150+ mile days.  Never found out what it was, I think it was something in that particular oil.  never caused any problems though.

Don't have a ktm but my bike drips milky colored oil from the breather whenever I start it on a cold morning... If your not loosing coolant I always heard it was likely condensation from the cold.

Doesn't happen when it's warm.

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