Another WR to YZ muffler question...

I searched and can't find a definite much louder would a YZ muffler be than the stock WR with a GYTR insert?


Would the performance gain be worth it?


I have an 03 BTW.

Significantly. I think stock yz is around 96-98db. I can get 88-90 with my db dawg. Without it, she has a hell of a bark. I'm guessing wr is similar to having the dawg installed.

I think once you install a quiet insert, any gain will be lost.

Eh, screw it! I'll just keep what I have, don't want it any louder and it runs great the way it is. Just thought  maybe....a little more power!

Those older 03 WR250F had that funky muffler with a GYTR end piece available. A buddy had one of those bikes and one time, he swapped to my (then) 03 YZ250F's pipe. There was indeed power to be gained, but yeah, that thing was loud just like a YZF as expected. He ended up with a FMF Q muffler (not Q4 or Q2, but just plain Q), and that helped the power quite a bit.

Rolling years forward, the newest Q4 is a much better product than the old Q mufflers. I think you would be pretty happy with a new Q4.

Except for the 'paying for it' part! YZ mufflers are cheap on fleabay.

Yes, on my 01 I went from stock to a loud pipe, that wouldn't pass sound check at the races, back to a new model stock WR pipe.  Quiet is better.  People can't hear you coming and you can hear them.  Being loud is like a crying baby, very immature.

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