1989 cr 125 fouling plugs and no power band

Hi I have a 1989 cr 125 it was running fine last time I took it out about a month ago, when I started it today it was kinda boggy I put it in gear and it wouldn't go into power band and then it just died. I put in a plug from my 2001 cr 125 it wasn't as boggy but still no power band and it died again after a min or two, I took the plug out and cleaned it off and the same thing happens, I have done this mutipul times, does this mean the plug is fouling ? Could the problem be one of my jets is plugged? Oh ya it is also spitting black oily stuff out the pipe, I have changed the gas cleaned the air filter even tried without the air filter and no luck please help if you can thanx

Clogged jets would be a good place to start.  Also check the float height and make sure it isn't sticking.  Weather has changed a bit over the past month as well, may need to adjust your jetting.  Wouldn't hurt the check the reeds as well.  They can cause all kinds of issues.  When was the last time you did a top end?  Is the powervalve operating correctly?  Do you have a manual?

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