Temperature Sensor

Where can i get one ???

I will need this for my intentions of doing long highway runs.

Also, ive been hearing loads of info on highway gearing for constant speeds between 60-70 mph without over revving/heating.

What is a choice that we can safely agree on ???

Sorry to keep pounding this, but i would like to make one purchase of another set of sprokets if possible.

Thanks alot for all the replies....sometimes this forum has too much info !!! LOL !!!

Parts Unlimited carries one by Daytona. It's about 1.25"high x 2.5"wide x .5"thick, black plastic case with blue backlight LCD display. I fitted one to a FZR racebike before, pretty simple really. The only electrical hookups are pos, neg and sensor wire. You might have a small problem trying to find a hole for the sensor to screw into. I was thinking of making a "T" to put in line with one of the rad hoses. I kept the one on the FZR when I sold the bike and plan on putting it on the WR soon.

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