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Hey guys, in an earlier post I had a problem with idling after a test run of a 1998 YZ125 I got and been not necessarily rebuilding, but giving it MUSCH needed TLC and maintenance, did a bunch of stuff to it, took her out for a run, and first run was OK, but when I we went out the second time it was idling high, so I ordered some OEM clamps and stuff that I had zip tied, and idle was much better, but still a bit on the high side, so while getting a tire put on at a local Yamaha dealer, I ran my idle issue through one of the techs, and he mentioned that (LOL) I have a mean racing machine, not a pansy trail bike (more LOL) and that it these bikes shouldn't really idle, they should idle for about 3-5 seconds before dying, messes with the power band if idles.


I don't mean to question his expertise, I guess in a way I am, I wanted to ask how accurate this was, what you guys thought of this. the main reason I ask, is cause I'm not a racer, and all the YT videos I've seen of the YZs about idling, they're tweaking the bikes to idle, so I'm confused, should the bike idle or not?


BTW, I'm planning to take the bike out in trails and tear it up, but I have no real interest in jumps and all the cool crazy $h!t you all do, just wanted to give y'all an idea on my style of riding.


Thanks in advance.


p.s. Oh and do I mess with the throttle screw or the air screw to mess with the idle? Tnx again.

messes with the power band..... :banghead: ///Hes a idiot and yes they will idle..if it is properly built and jetted right it will idle well.....   you should buy a manual for your bike.

Haha!, well that's why I wanted it to run it here on the forum, since I'm new to this whole thing want to make sure I'm doing things right, don't want to blow my baby up or anything.


I do have one, I bought the original service manual for it, but I've reading it, nowhere does it mention idle anything, unless I'm totally missing it.


I'll keep checking and reading some more see if I find it on the manual.

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It does not mess with the power band.  There are a few things that happen.  If you let your bike idle for long periods (like warming it up for ten minutes) it will load up and run poorly until it clears out if it does not foul a plug first.  That is if it does not die first.  I usually try to set my bikes up to give about 10-30 seconds of idle before they start to stall.  My bikes idle forever cold but hot do not last much over 10-20 seconds when hot.  If you tune it to idle for extended periods they fire periodically on corner entrances and tend to buck and hop a bit.  This upsets the bike in flat corners so I do not like it.


No the bike is not meant to idle.  It can.  But it should never be left to idle for any extended periods.

Cool, tnx 1987CR250, got a bit of tuning to do with mine

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