new australian bikie laws...


this is bull *%#%, i have been pulled over 3 times because the police 'needed' to check if i was involved in gang activity.... i ride a fricken DRZ SM!


cant evan ride in groups of more then 3 bikes anymore!


this sucks!    :banghead:  :foul:

Really, you must be bad... bad to the bone...   Don't ride on the highway mate, go back roads, bush etc, de fuzz is too busy with mainstream bro.

My boyfriend was told me a story he heard. A couple of Harleys with alleged bikies on them pulled up at the lights. Some guy on a scooter pulled up with them and they all got done for association.  :bonk: 

I'm guessing the poor scooter rider was just used as a patsy so they could drag the bikies in without a reason. 

So is it illegal to ride in groups??:o

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