Should I Trade YZ for WR??

I know this is subjective but...

I found a guy who wants to trade his 01 WR for a YZ. I have the 01 YZ. Lately I've been thinking about adding stuff to my bike like lights, kickstand, skidplate, etc...I find that I do mostly trails/hills riding so the WR sounds pretty good. Here's the real question...

I LOVE my YZ and would hate to feel like I downgraded to the WR. I know about the engine timing and throttle limiter on the WR but what about the suspension? Also, is the top end gearing higher (faster top speed) and the low end lower (better luggability)?

Can I make it feel nimble like the YZ when jumping fireroads and such?

Please let me know your thoughts on this...I'm on the fence...If I add all the stuff to my YZ it'll cost some major $$.

Thanks Everyone,


Ebay we could hook up and you could ride mine if you like.. I am in San Jose and as a matter of fact riding Hollister tomorrow.....Let me know...

aaaaaaauuuuuuhhhhhh...thats tough.....yz arm pulling , butt clinching,bump skipping, shear power..........wr tame pg rated,big tank, softer susp.'ed,trail only machine.....your on your will never be the other.....happy ridin holiday

Thanks RW,

I'll be out of commish for a few due to the holidays but I'd like to hook up you ever go to Carnegie?

As for you fourstrokes,

Are you speaking from experience about the "pg" rating? I bet there are some out there that have yz timed their wr and get the same hit (or close to it) but the suspension I am concerned about.

Anyone else who has ridden both care to comment??

Thanks All,


For your kind of riding I bet you will like the WR better.


I have ridden my buddies WR which is stock except for the throttle limiter and he pulled the insert out of the pipe. My YZ is stock except for the BK mod and FMF spark arrestor.

My observations:

Gear ratios: 1st and 2nd are lower, 3rd is about the same, 4th and 5th are higher on the WR. I spend more time slipping the clutch on tight trails.

Flywheel:The YZ revs quicker due to the lighter flywheel.

Suspension: the WR is way softer than a YZ. When I go trail riding I soften my clickers 2 or 3 clicks and it rides great. IMO the WR is way too soft for MX.

Ergonomics: I can't stand the high tank, I like the YZ's flatter seat and tank.

Try and ride one before switching, they really do feel a lot different.


Have both! One for MX truck and the other for trail riding.

It's the best way. :):D:D

e-bay i say these things because i bud had a wr he never rides a track..he loved it at places like clear creek,stoneyford,cow mtn,foresthill,upper lake...etc..its a trail bike..if you have any thought of track riding don't...but....if trails are it...thats if the bike is as good a shape as yours...trail ridin claps bikes fast...o and my bud loves his 02 ktm 400sx more..sorry for that..but he does..sorry again happy ridin holiday :)

I have a 01WR which I ride some MX but mostly trails. The motor and suspension are basicly the same.

Headlight, WR transmission, flywheel weight, 18in rear wheel, kickstand. If you want these get the WR. Most guys take all the other WR crap off and swap in used YZ or aftermarket components. My bike is a YZ except for the above components and I love it. On the newer WRs the main difference in suspension is the 5.0 vs 5.4 rear shock spring. Some say they are valved different but I can't tell the difference. I've got a 5.4 on my bike cause the 5.0 was too soft and didn't feel balanced to the front. The clickers work pretty good on these bikes, use them.

Don't judge the WR by riding a stock bike, I hated my bike until I found this bulletin board and fixed it up right. Stock WRs are gutless pigs. Done right they are perfect for aggressive trail riding and practice days at the track.

Plan on swapping your tank/seat/subframe/pipe/rear-fender for YZ parts if you trade. Steering stabilizer and pro-tapers are pretty standard mods as well for trail riders. Go with the +10mm barclamps and move the pegs down by swapping the barrels to the other side. Lose the stock tires and you'll have what Yamaha should have built to begin with.



I just got back from testing out the wr and the story goes a little something like this.

We meet up at Carnegie (sopping like a wet sponge) and head up into the hills. Up there we swap bikes for a little play time in a small valley. Immediately I feel the power difference and the WR feels heavy up top. Much harder to lift the front wheel over ruts, rocks, etc...

I really like the gears though and the cushy suspension is great for SOME stuff. I was really surprised that the bike felt so heavy. I know it's not much more than mine but it just rode like a Cadillac and I'm used to my Corvette.

I don't like the ergos with the stock tank/seat but for the most part it was a really nice bike.

So the guy wants to head up farther and we take a little ride up to the summit and he starts down this rutty, muddy trail and...bails right in front of me! :) Not too bad but the bars are bent and my bark busters have looked better. A few scratches on the plastic (not bad but I can count the times the bike has touched the ground on one hand.)

Anyway, to make a long story short. I came, I rode, I am taking my YZ home for a bath and new handles...

This bike is the best bike I've ever owned or ridden and I feel like I cheated on her with that WR! "I swear she didn't mean anything to me" I keep saying but I think my yz went down just to spite me.

I'll never do that again!!



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