ktm 520exc knock

Hi all,


recently bought a 2002 Ktm 520exc. When I inspected the bike everything was in great order.

Took the bike for a few quick rides and all was still great.


adjusted the valves and changed the oil (including filters...used good Motul 300V 10-40w).

I took the bike for a spin and everything was ok. The bike sat for a few hours and when I restarted it, I heard a horrible knock from the bottom end.

Hold in the clutch and it disappears.


From reading online I figured it might be the primary nut on crank. I checked that and all seemed tight. pulled the clutch plates out and nut on basket was tight and no play in clutch at all that I can see.

Everything else seems good......


Any ideas? is it a bottom end rebuild?

It's totally normal for KTM's. From memory it's the steel clutch basket is nosier than an ally one. Last much longer though.

They are noisy. Mine quiets down when I pull in the clutch. How are your screens looking?

Thanks for the replies guys.

Screens were spotless. Magnetic filler plug had usual shavings on it, nothing abnormal.

I was so worried as I only heard it after the oil change. The oil in it at the time seemed a bit thicker and I couldn't select neutral with the motor going.

maybe the thicker oil quietens it down enough?

Its not a pleasant noise and the bash plate makes it worse haha

Throw a video on youtube so we can hear it or listen to other RFS bikes on youtube.  I know mine is pretty noisy but no more than others I've heard.

Id have to agree.  Totally normal.  I've been told the noise is do to straight cut gears inside the tranny. Not just on KTM but anything with a manual tranny.  I have a nissan 350z and it makes noise idiling in neutral.  Push the clutch  in and the noise goes away.

Completely normal, IMO run the Rotella T6, it seems to help with the noise and shifting.


Its not a pleasant noise and the bash plate makes it worse haha


Agreed.  My '14 500 EXC sounded the same way, and I was worried.


The last time that I changed oil, I ran the motor WITHOUT the bash plate, and it makes a HUGE difference in how it sounds.  I was really surprised that it makes that much difference.  When I had my DRZ, I never noticed noises like this, and I never noticed that it got louder or different when I installed the bash plate.  Not so on the KTM.


Just ride.  ;)



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