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StraightShot Air Filters - Anyone using them?

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Saw these on Motocross Action Magazine but I guess they have been out for a year or two:





Straightshot air filters, the first and only seamless air filter that is made from dual density foam and offers exceptional air flow over its competitors...

These filters are attracting great performance reviews state side due to their increased surface area and domed construction. The greatest performance gain with Straight shot is a result of NOT heat/ flame bonding the layers of foam together, this restricts air flow. Straight Shot uses a revolutionary new petroleum resistant glue to bond foam layers instead.


Anyone use them?  How are they holding up through multiple washings?

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Been using them all season  , they are holding up great . 

Definitely will buy them again , but the ones i'm using don't warrant replacement yet .


oh, i've been using the filter skins with them also .

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